Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cooler evening plus looking at my " Looping " numbers.

 Another night of looping yesterday, 10K logged again.   Much much cooler ,  low 20s and breezy so it was easy to naturally pick up  the pace !  

Looking at my Garmin "looping" data.

I have more or less come to the conclusion that  6 loops = 5K .  Wanted to make sure the numbers were accurate so every 6 laps I have been resting the Garmin to try to get a " good average" both distance and elevation.  Distance is pretty consistent , elevation not so.   So with 6 sets of data  I throw out the top and bottom number then average it out

6 Loops = 5.06 km
6 Loops =  +/-  323 meters
Max Elevation = 415 Meters Above Sea Level
Min Elevation = 385 Meters Above Sea Level

There is almost nothing flat about my loop.  I am either going up or down rarely flat.   It would take much to make it a 1K loop increasing the Max Elevation to between 430 and 450 meters above seal level.  I already find the existing loop to have plenty of gentle elevation making it deceptively challenging.  

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