Monday, July 14, 2014

Night Trail

 Back at it last night after a couple of rest days.  Waited until dark to head out to the back of the property.   Started off with full lighting.  It was needed in the woods but not in the more open areas.  Its tough adjusting from darkish to light conditions.   I decided to do 12 loops,  10 kms.  I was guessing which lap the Solar Patio Lanterns would turn on ,  it was lap 7.    Last couple of  loops were in the dark.   My trails are dark ,  the ground is dark .  Its very clear in the day what is trail and but not so much in the dark.  Slowing it down and paying close attention to the footfalls were the key.    Afterwards I enjoyed a couple of beers lying in the Hammock under my glowing Patio Lanterns watching the Moon Rise.

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