Sunday, July 6, 2014

Creemore Vertical Challange - July 5, 2014

 Its always a fun run and it always leaves me a bit bewildered why I cant run this one just a little bit faster?     Logged a 6:26 finish in the 50k race yesterday satisfied at how the run went.  Fueling,  Hydration and Electrolytes were just about bag on.   Could have used a few more calories but when have I ever written a race report that didn't contain that statement.

 Grant picked me up at 6:00 am and we arrived around 7:00 am.  Fun times post race chatting with all our Ultra Peeps and the weather was  perfect.    Low humidity ,  a clear sky and comfortable temps we  very welcome.    The race started at 08:00 am and it was the usual fast start along the river trail.   Things quickly began to thin out as we hit the road gently climbing to the first aide station.   Logged the first 5K at some wheres around a 6:30 avg pace.    This was my 6th consecutive CVC 50ker so I know this course better the just about any other in the OUS series.    Passing the first aide station we have a nice K or 2 of shaded trail with no monster climbs.  Coming out of the trail we hit " Hill 1".   Not that steep and easily  runnable on fresh legs but I decided to walk  and that I did all the way to the aide station at the top.   Picked it up again after the aide station especially on the forested trail loop.  Knew I would be running all the way to the bottom of the steep little trail section that joined the two roads nearing the third  aide station.     Now there was a little flat section leading up to 3rd as but then a big ass gentle long drop to the bottom of the escarpment where we then begin the climb to the base of "O2".  Plan was to run to the base of the "02" and thats what I did.   First time walking  up the steep guy was a breeze and I soon found  myself past AS 3 and climbing "Top Hill".   Running along the top of the escarpment on the gravel road the was a huge cool dry breeze.   After coming across the top we drop through a farmers field the into Valley.   With the exception of a couple of small climbs the last 5K of the loop is more or less all downhill to the start/finish.     Crossed the Matt with the clock striking 3 hours.   Not  having the Garmin ( battery is only good for a few hours now)  I was expecting around 2:45 ish .    My very loose race goal was somewhere just under 6 hours ,   did that once back in 2009 logging 5hrs46 min but I was running much faster then and the weather that day was a actually cool for July.      Heading out for loop 2 I felt pretty good.   Temperatures were begging to rise here and there  and that cool morning breeze had a bit of a warm feel to it now.     I pretty much ran the second loop the same way as the first but I was moving  a bit slower.    I had the Garmin on on the second loop to try to push me along a bit and after posting 3 hours in the first I was thinking maybe 6:15 which would be my second fastest CVC ever.    Walking " Hill 1" I was just under a 10 minute pace ... great walking speed!    Everything was pretty much routine until "O2".... the climb this time was much slower and I paused for a moment a couple of times as I was starting to see "stars"...the hill lives up to it name.  Even the Garmin couldn't hack "O2" ,  looked at the watch and it was dead,  no "low battery" just dead and I couldn't revive it.      Grant and another fellow were a minute or two out in front of me.  It was great seeing them there and it kept me moving well the last 8K or so.    Tripped the clock at 6:26 ...  added 1:00 /km to my pace on the second loop but  overall had a pretty good run.  

Previous results ...

2009 5:46
2010 6:43
2011 6:25
2012 6:29
2013 6:36
2014 6:26

 Immediately after I finished I was seeing stars again,   grabbed a Beer and sat for 5 or 10 minutes then when I felt like I could move without passing out I grabbed another beer,  a slice of pizza and made my way to the river.    Fun times sitting in the river chatting to everyone ... its the best part of the day.     Even won a  draw prize and I was so so luck that there was some Maple Syrup left.    Writing the Blog today , Sunday the day after I feel great!   Had a solid 10 hour sleep woke up without any muscle aches a bit hungry mind you.   So I am off to do some looping on my trail this morning!   Oh and the Garmin 305 is officially retired.... it power up on the charger but has ZERO battery life ,  another casualty of the infamous "O2".  

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