Monday, August 18, 2014

Ditto Ditto

 Ditto Friday ... skipped Saturday altogether and decided to do another longish road one late Sunday afternoon.   Retraced Fridays route logging 24.3km in around 2.5 hours.   I was totally into the run almost from the get go.   Mind wondered right from the start and I felt no pressure to finish just enjoying getting lost in my head.    With a 12 hour hard surface run coming up I tried  my Brooks Cascadias vs the Mizuno Elixers that I wore on Friday.     Near the end of Fridays Run my feet were starting to get a bit sore and the pain I get in my right foot was starting to bother me a bit.  The Cascadias are a soft shoe so there wasn't the same foot pain but the toes box is much bigger and I was starting to get some rubs here and there ... no big deal at 24.3k however by 100K that would be allot different.     I wouldn't mind trying a different show to eliminate the Rub and Pain... thinking Hooka perhaps???

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