Saturday, September 6, 2014

5:30 pace @ 6:00 am over 5K = 129 BPM

Did my lunch late in  my shift in solidarity with all the folks at the start line a Haliburton this morning.     Used my HR Strap from my 305 with my new 110.  

Below is my 5K Run in just a little over 30 min.   Gradually ramped up to a 5:30 pace over the first 7 or so minutes then held pace for another 18 minutes before starting my cool down. The first 5 min  data has to be wrong.  I have seen that sorts of error in the past.  It seems that you have to work up a bot of sweat before it works properly.  

Ramped up a wee bit between the 1K mark and where I began my cool down at 4.4K.   Went from 127 BPM to 129 BPM whilst holding the 5:30 pace.   I am going to do it again tomorrow but I will be running double the distance.  

I was surprised that I was as low as I was!   129 bpm through 3.4 K is pretty decent.   I as expecting low 150's or high 149s.   I have no idea what my Max HR is but I would guess 160 - 165 range.  I will have to figure that out.   The cool down started around 26 min , between 4.4K and 4.7K is slowed from a 5:30 pace to a 7:30 pace.  Finished up the cool down with a 300 meter walk.    

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