Monday, March 23, 2015

First Trail Run of 2015

10K on some tough trails Sunday .    The recent freeze/thaw/rain/freeze/freeze has made for some rather interesting conditions.  There is still almost a meter of snow here and there but the way the weather has been it is now supporting my weight ... most of the time.     So I headed out with a goal in mind of at least 10K and that is what I did in a whopping 1hr43min ...yikes!   It was a good substitute for an LSD this weekend because I was challenged in a different way.   I have been envious as of late of posts from running friends able to run trails.    The time in the bush just melted away.  I sure missed the trails this winter.  It was fun seeing all the tracks telling a tale of who and what was where all winter.     Did post hole until I was in the back of my property then I was sinking up to my Knee ... was real slow and cautious through these areas!

...and the data!

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