Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015 Totals

Run   264.2 km
YTD 774.9 km

Total Runs = 28
Rest Days  =   3  


Treadmill = 20 Runs 132 km
Track      =   2 Runs   68 km
Road       =   2 Runs 22.8 km
Trail       =   4 Runs 41.4 km  

Overall a good month missing one long run.   All the runs on the treadmill were at a 5:10 pace.  In another week I will pick it up to a 5:05 pace with the ultimate goal to make a 5:00 pace my go to treadmill speed.   The trail runs were challenging due to snow but I am glad I made it out.   If I could run 10K every day on a trail there isn't a whole lot more I would have to do to get ready for what ever it is I wanted to do.  

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