Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Snow Shoe Trail Run Monday

 Had 4 days off running doing a family Ski Trip to Tremblant...didn't even bring my running shoes and never really gave it a thought!    Alpine Skiing is and Isometric Sport so I am not really sure how that fits in as cross training.   Yesterday I suited up and headed out for a -12C Snow Shoe Run.   There is close to a metre of new white stuff over the past week and a bit so I knew that breaking trial would be tough so I threw on my HR monitor....

First couple of laps were grueling then things started to improve a bit.  After 5 laps things improved even more and  the HR continued to drop .   The rise at the end of the run was a result of " running " the entire last lap.  

Logged a total of 6.8 kms in 1hr29min .... rather slow but what a workout.   I find it amusing that the HR was higher at the beginning and lower towards the end.  

All the stats below ....

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