Thursday, April 21, 2016

Been busy ... still running!

No time to post too many spring things and then some!  

Monday ,  wrapped up mid 7 without running,  I really felt horrible no energy sore through so I decided it best to avoid the gym.    Slept for and hour when I went home at 8:00 am then it was a beautiful Sunny day with temps in the low even mid 20's.  Headed out to the backyard trail logging 10K then enjoyed a few hours in the hammock downing a few cold ones then having a rather pleasant snooze!   Its pretty cool being mid April having that kind of weather!

Tuesday ,   another busy day running around test driving cars and eventually buying a replacement for the trusty old Corolla that packed it enroute to my last Ski of the season.   Wanted to go long Tuesday  Wednesday but just didn't have the time so I settled on some trail time logging 9.9 Ks on the backyard trail.    I made sure I left dome time for my favorite hammock recovery ritual.   It was cooler on Tuesday but still very pleasant.

 Wednesday ... still no time to go long continuing with all the seasonal activities.  Put the Summer tires on my Wifes car and in the process left the wheel lock on the nut!!!!!!!!   First little run of the day was retracing my route I took so I could re-torque the nuts after a few Ks.    Logged 5.4 K up the second then East on Grey Rd 12 to the Baseline and back and of course I didn't find the lock.   So felling a little stressed and pressed for time I wanted to go longer again  but settled on a second run a little trail time logging 5.2 K on the back yard trail.

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