Saturday, April 16, 2016

Jackie , Jack and the Man Cave

 Did another 2 run day logging 5K on the backyard trail Friday afternoon.   It was very peachy summer like weather.   Opened the " Man Cave in the Forest ".    Just had the tunes going a cracked the first cold one of the season and Jackie the wild somewhat domesticated Classic Rock loving Rabbit showed up.    She was much braver then last year checking me out from a little more then an arms length distance.   A short time later her friend Jack showed up ... guess Jackie gave the all clear. The Rabbits hung around for about 10 minutes keeping an eye on me.

Man cave is officially open for the season ...

 The Garmin's Battery was about to die and I wanted to make sure I got 5 laps in so I decided to use the little bit of Snow that was left. Laid down my last marker , ran and marked 4 laps then picked up my last maker on the completion of lap 5 ....can you tell what I used for the last marker?

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