Monday, April 4, 2016

Y Monday

I was originally planning on hitting the slopes this morning but when I checked the lifts were not turning today ... rats!      The foot or so of new snow and the -8C temps made for great ski conditions but not so great running conditions so I decided to take it inside heading for the Owen Sound Y.  I was suppose to do this run on Saturday but felt like I was coming down with something.   I felt great this morning so I figured why not!   Couldn't go long long because I had to be at work a 4pm besides I have a 1/2 coming up this Saturday and would like  to race it.    Decided to run for 3 hours then do a 2K cool down.   I was moving well right off the start running the first 5K at a 5:20 pace.  Slowed it down the next 15K and crossed the 21.1 K mark in 1hr57min,   Held the 6 min pace though 31K in just a little under 3 hours then wrapped it up with a 2K cool down walk.

 Logged a total of 33K on the track satisfied that I got my "long one " in that I skipped on Saturday.

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