Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bravo Heart Bravo

Totally revamped the 7K lunch run today.

Ramped up from an initial 10 kmh to 12 kmh in the first km then at the 2 km mark increased to 12.2 kmh,  3 km  mark 12.4 kmh , 4 km mark 12.6 kmh then held the pace until the 5 km mark where I did a 13.3 kmh fartlek for 0.2 km then back to 12.6 kmh until the 6 km  mark then I did a 0.1 km 13.3 kmh fartlek gradually gearing down to a 5.1 kmh walk at the 6.7 km mark.

Spent about 12 minutes in the 140-145 BPM zone thats 85%-87% of max HR!

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