Saturday, March 11, 2017

Friday Track

Returned to the Y in Owen Sound yesterday logging 36 km on the track.

Thats 216 lap with 864 90 degree bends.  Ran for about 3.5 hours then did a 20 min walk at the end.   Its a huge mind gaming running track...yeah there is music however it only occupys me a little bit of the time.    First off I run with elastics ,  every lap at the half way point I transfer one of 6 elastic from my outside arm to my inside arm.  When there are no elastics on my outside arm I tap my lap counter at the AS is have set up.   Other big mind occupier is breaking the run up into little bits.  I aim to average 10 km a day  ...thats about all I need to do to "train" for everything I am about to do.   Last week I ran 7K  W,T,F at work then 10K S,S.   This week at work it was 7K M,T,W and T.    So heading out the first 3K made up for last T,  next 3K last W,  next 3K last T so and and so forth until I was caught up to averaging 10K/day since my last run .   Once I hot 21K I was on to Friday  and when I hit 31K I was ll causght up then the other 5K was for today LOL.   Yeah its a bit mental but it gets it done.   I was really looking forward to the Beer ,  Pizza and Hot Tub after too so that was another thing that made me a little impatient.

Oh and the run .... solid ,  solid ,  solid .   No calories consumed ,  2 s caps at 10K and 21K  mark  and 2 liters of water.  Started to run out of Glycogen at 23K  and was spent by 27K so I geared it down from a slightly under 6:00 pace to something closer to a 7:00 pace and I was A OK!  Contemplated running a full but decided I wanted the Beer and Pizza and Hot Tub besides I did enough.

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