Monday, March 27, 2017


 Did what is probably my last LSD indoors at the Y on Saturday logging 36 km on the track.   Used a wider metatarsal support and it really agreed with my feet ... had been having a few issues,  nothing new!    The long one was done without calories just 1.5 l water and 2 s caps.   Hit the switch over from Glycogen to Body Mass around the 25 K mark just geared it down from a slightly sub 6:00 pace to a slightly sub 7:00 pace and cruised along  until I wrapped it up.   As is usual I walked the last 2Ks.

 Was feeling pretty pooped on Sunday but really wanted to get a run on so I headed out on the backyard trail logging a little 4Ker.     Snow  was 75% gone and looking at the weather forecast there will be allot more trail time very soon!  

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