Friday, August 4, 2017

+1 again!

 10K Heart Run the same as yesterday just added another K at speed.   Felt allot better today...its probably more of a mental thing I can do it I am just not use to the feeling.    The heart rate pushed 150 bpm my max is 164 bpm.   I seem to be able to hold pace when I keep the max to the 140's but once I push up into the 150's fatigue will set in at some point and I will  fall off pace.  The Endurrun is a  road 1/2 and my goal is to turn as many 5:00 Ks as I can.  Actually I would be happy with any road event where I turn a 5:00 pace with the exception of the last race a full which I would like to keep around the 4 hour mark so thats about a 5:30ish pace!   I run so little on the road and the focus ie rarely speed so I am not sure what to expect so I guess I will be happy with what ever!  

Some good data from this mornings run ...

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