Saturday, August 19, 2017

Endur Stage 6 - 10km Time Trail

 Stage 6 the 10 km time trial was done this morning in a surprising 48min28sec.  Once again I had no idea what to expect but I did want to more or less run to my potential today.  With the Marathon looming tomorrow I wasn't sure if this was a good strategy but 10K's have never had any long lasting affect on my ability to carry on!  It was a pretty rough first km almost like I have forgotten how to run.  Once things warmed up it felt hard but natural.  The HR crept up to 161 so I backed it off keeping it in the high 150's through most of the race.   I am pleased with my results considering all the different events I have done this week!

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Robin said...

Congrats Ron, what a great week you are having. I knew you'd love it. Well done!! Good luck in the marathon tomorrow!! Enjoy the festivities afterward, a great celebration.