Monday, May 7, 2018

Saturday May 5th

Sandwiched in a super easy 20Ks between PYP last weekend and Seaton next weekend.   Headed out with the STWM work crowd Gordon,  Patrick , Chris and we brought along Raj who was about to log his longest ever run.  Temps were pretty comfortable stating in the high single digits pushing into the mid teens.  Raj was overdressed with black pants and a black long sleeve shirt and a black hat to boot!   Held a 7:00 ish pace through 5K but it was taking a tool on Raj so I backed it down to a 8:00 ish pace with a 200 meter walkat the 800 meter mark of each K.   We were running the Georgian Rail Trail starting in Thornbury and heading towards Collingwood...super easy running! 

 My fitbit HR data tells the tale ...dont think I have ever run with my HR in the 11X range! 

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