Saturday, March 29, 2008

Run to Durham and back

Did a LSD run today , 24K AT A 5:49 pace....I am now officially beat!

Weather was great , just at freezing, Sun and little Wind. Dressed a little lighter , used a thin sweatshirt over top of my base layer and running pants, Cap and Wool Gloved and I was for the most part very comfortable.

Made it to town , about 11K mark and realized that I switched off the Gamin about 4K back. I was watching the distance to decide when to turn back ... d'oh!

You sure have to respect distance , everything I read tells me that I should do these long runs without building up to it.. they may be right ! I am beat , the last 24K was tough ! Strangely enough I found that the pace was at around the 6:00 mark but when it came to up hills I charged at a 5:30 pace and then died on the downhill , around a 6:30 pace... go figure.

I was glad to be done, Pizza and Beer awaited . Been having some pain in my right ankle , doesnt seem to bother me when I run , one very brief moment of pain that I ran through. At the 20K point I noticed that it felt a little numb. I think there may be some kind of nerve thing going on.

Day of rest Sunday and then a 10L planned on Monday, maybe on the dreadmill.


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