Monday, June 2, 2008

30K LSD, the warm weather really slowed me down

Sunday Eve I did a 12K trail run, no Garmin! Was all set to head
out an realized I had a low bat alarm on the Garmin, well I almost
didn't go , felt a little naked without the toy!

Monday was LSD , it was a hot day and once again I was feeling the affects of the heat ! First 8K south on the second were OK , about 20C into a stiff breeze with the sun high in the sky. When I got to the Durham Conservation Park I headed into the trails for a couple of K , it was much cooler and I recovered a bit. Made my way through town , past Tims, the Beer Store , past downtown and around the Ball Diamonds and back to the park .... 8K of "Urban" running ... fun ! Back at the park it was around the 16K mark and once again I was feeling the heat after being exposed to the Sun for the last 8K, did my final Gel and headed into the trails for a cool down. At 18K I got new water and dunked my head under a tap ! O knew the last 8K totally exposed , sun at my back would be brutal and it was! Walked three hills , all due to heat! I suspect that the blood will thin a bit as we get into the warmer weather . One thing for sure is that I am going to have to head out early in the day to beat the heat !


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