Tuesday, June 17, 2008

LSD on a short rest

Did a 31.5Km LSD Run on 5 days after the last LSD! It wasn't bad but I did fatigue in the last 5K. Overall pace , including walking a hill and the last K was 5:55.

It was another perfect day for run, cool for June at 15C. Started with no breeze and ended up with a strong wind in my face for the last 8K . Didn't mind the breeze as it really aided with cooling.

Jelled at the 9K and 19K mark , just felt like the right time to do it! Drank my water bottle twice... around a liter . Was dressed a little on the warm side. I have been trying to run on the brink of being too hot. I have had a suspicion that I have been running a little too cool , especially the chest, seems to effect breathing... makes it shallow and laboured when chilled. I think I may have been a little too warm though and I suspect that it contributed to the slow down at the end.

The run was quiet enjoyable , I found from time to time that my mind wandered and I sort of forgot that I was running! Guess you would call that " in the zone" !

Took a few hours to recover , I am writing the blog the next day and have no ill effects from yesterdays LSD. Tomorrow I will run again , a little shorter distance!

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