Thursday, June 19, 2008

Figured something out!

Did my 10K McCormick loop yesterday and applied what I learned about the "lean". BINGO , guess what it works. I did this lop as fast as I can remember in recent time, heart rate was up and I was near o2 Max but I didn't feel nearly as fatigued even though I was much faster!

So , lesson learned is ... Keep the cadence the same and introduce a lean to speed up!

I knew that the LSDs were slowing down my fast runs but I didn't know why. One thing that I found peculiar on the LSD was when I hit an uphill I speed up! Now I know why because I unusually lean into a hill. LSDs are upright , almost arching backwards . Trying to run fast with that stance is like being a cartoon character , you know the one that is leaning backwards legs spinning but not going anywhere! That WAS me!

Weather was perfect to a short quick run yesterday, 14C/Overcast/Drizzle ... amazing conditions for mid June! Yes the miserable weather to most is glory to a runner.

So going forward I now know the "Secret". Have to do some work today but I hope to do a 16K later this afternoon.


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