Saturday, June 21, 2008

Townsend loop today

Did my 16K Townsend Lake Loop today. Garmin says 5:29 pace, looks like I am reasonably on track , my last tempo was at a 5:00 pace and the LSD was 6:00. I think I could do better on the 10K now that I recognize that I was running too upright. One thing that struck me today was the faster pace with a reasonable 147 bpm heart rate.

The weather cooperated again, cloudy and 18C. It always seems to clear off during my run, finished in Sun and 20C. I was hot but not too hot. Wore my new Halo Sweat band . It worked pretty good but it made my head feel hot .. not sure about it yet!

Didn't gel and I was feeling fatigued in the last few Ks. Overall a pretty decent fun run. I think tomorrow I will do another LSD run.


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