Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Better LSD this week!

Just shy of 30K at a 5:45 pace. Great weather , 15C and cloudy to start that turned into 20C and Sunny at the end. This was a really good run compared to the week before , two things that I think made a difference 1) I wasn't overheating , last weeks LSD was 24C/Sunny Humid 2) I was well rested , last week I did a 12K Trail 12 hours before LSD. The Acsis Shoes are great , didn't wear any band aids and there wasn't a single blister. I tied my shoes much looser then before and I think that my have contributed to pain free feet! I did how ever end up with some chaffing that was a result of sweat! Going to need some body glide.
Ate a bowl of Cream of Wheat with OJ and 3 Cups of Coffee , only waited 30min then headed out... no cramps or digestive issues. Only jelled once at 10K , never felt like I needed a second boost , water was enough.
I think I have turned the conner on the long run , time to pick up the pace soon!

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