Monday, January 18, 2010

Am I stupid or what!!!!

Been thinking of the 155 BPM Heart Rate the other day. I was way off the mark ... only a year ago I would regularly push the HR to 165-170 bpm ... 155 is nothing. 12 months ago I was really into the heart rate training and established the following

Long, slow runs, easy or recovery runs, 60-70%, 120 - 132
Aerobic zone or "target heart rate zone", 70-80%, 132 - 143
Anaerobic zone, 80-90%, 143 - 155VO2 max
"Red line zone", 90-100%, 155 - 167

The LSD must have made me stupid ... I use to consider 170 as the MAX. For some stupid reason I totally forgot that I regularly ran the HR up to the mid 160's so 155 is nothing! 155 is the high end of what I consider I can sustain for an extended period without being too stressed.

Guess I will have to wear the HRM a little more.

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