Saturday, January 16, 2010

Been Running

A little behind on the blog!

Friday at work I did my usual lunch run . 5K done at a 4:50 pace.

Saturday I did a 37K LSD in 3hrs35 min. Its amazing what you can learn once you get past the 3 hour mark.

Started the LSD at around 10:30 am after downing three cups of coffee.... no food. I had a bag of Gummie Bears for carbs and two bottles of Gatorade ready to go! Temp in the basement was a comfortable 19C. Started with a 1K warm up gradually increasing to an easy 5:45 pace. Held the 5:45 pace until I hit the 21K mark then increased to a 5:30 pace. I held the 5:30 pace until the 31K mark. It took 2hrs55mins to get to 31K ..... a long time but the objective was to get here and then push to my Marathon pace for 5K. By 31k I had picked it up to a 4:50 pace. It felt OK but hard , I was really starting to fatigue as I passed 35K so I checked my pulse on the treadmills heart rate monitor. It said 155 bpm ...NO WAY!!!!! Checked again 155 ...NO WAY!!!! Jumped off the treadmill slapped on the Garmins HRM , guess what 155...OH SHIT!!!! So I geared it down to a 6 min pace until 36K the walked the last K ending 3hrs35mins logged and a 37km distance.

I always thought that I knew my Max Heart Rate , 5 years ago I said high 130's , last year high 120's. Never ever since I started running have I ever thought I could get my heart rate that high. I would run 5K and 10Ks as fast as I could to determine my Max HR... never really paid much attention to it at the end of a 50k Race! A few years ago my minimum HR was the low 60s , now at rest in the high 40's. If its possible to decrease your resting rate it must be possible to increase your Maximum?