Thursday, February 24, 2011

42.2 LSD...on the treadmill

42.2K LSD done in 4hrs33mins, on the treadmill! First 30K were at a 6:00 pace. HR was 130 through 25K then climbed to 155 at the 3 hour mark. I recovered the HR and tried to keep it more in the 140's the rest of the run. Last 10K were done at an Ultra 6:30 pace. Did 3 liters of Gu Brew and G and used 4 eload caps at 18 and 36K. Didn't quiet have enough calories so I knew that I would have to slow down. I never felt like I was doing the death march. It was really kind of cool keeping the pace at what the body wanted. Running like this just reinforces the need to eat , eat and eat more when going long! You can get away with allot in a 42.2. If I didn't bring in any calories I would run around a 1000 Calorie deficit. 1000 calories isn't that big a deal to consume during a just have to do it! In spite of the 3L I consumed I was still dehydrated when I was done. Skiing tomorrow and will run on Sat and Sun ...just not as far!

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