Sunday, February 6, 2011

LSD Sunday

It keeps getting a little easier! Did a 31K LSD indoors today in 3hrs6min. Went out for the first 20K at a 0.5% incline at an avg 5:50 pace. 20-25K I picked it up to a 5:00 pace, 25-30K was a slower 6:00 pace followed by a 1K cool down. Had to jump off the treadmill 3 times for some GI issues ...I consider this my"aide Station" breaks!

Manged much better past 20K. Today I did 1.5L of GU Electrolyte Brew , 300 cal with 750mg of sodium ...its didn't taste salty. I also did a 750 ml Gator Aide 190 Cal, 300mg of sodium. I also dropped 4 eload zone caps at 18K another 200mg of sodium. I also ate a few gummy worms. This made a big differnece in how I felt the last 11K. Picking it up to a 5min pace was a little tough but doable. The last 5K had a bit of a burn in my legs but it was manageable.

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