Wednesday, February 23, 2011

End of Feb 2011

Once again another 5K lunch run done ... the usual way! In about 4 hours I have 4 of the 5 remaining days of Feb off work! Originally I had planned on Running at Bordan this weekend. I thought it was a Saturday event but it occurs on Sunday and I have a swim Clinic planned with the Tri Club. Yes I am going to attempt to learn the front crawl ! At first I thought do both but its no fun feeling the pressure to get from A to B so I decided to just do the Swim thing. OK , now for the re thought out running plans.....

Thursday .... long run on the home treadmill. 33K minimum maybe stretching it out to 4 hours and 40+Ks, can you say Nutrition, Hydration and Electrolytes.

Friday ... Ski day at Blue followed by Pizza / Beer and Movie Night.

Saturday ... Maybe just maybe I can take it outside , regardless I will be running a mid teens thing.

Sunday ... will hit the gym at work before swim clinic at 3pm ... weights and a little run are in order.

Gotta love the 4 day weekend!

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Anne said...

See you at the clinic!