Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good start to Feb

Did my first LSD at the end of my Eve shift last night. Jumped on the treadmill at 11:20 pm and got off at 2:17 am. The LSD was a delayed a few days , not from lack of trying life just gets in the way sometime. Being flexible and not having a set plan really works for me...I just never know on a day to day basis when I am going to get it done but I do manage to make it happen.

The weekly LSDs are getting better , not quiet back to where I left off last fall but I am inching closer every run. Did the first 10K at a 5:45 pace and 1% incline. At 10K I changed to a 5:30 pace and 0% incline. Held this until 17K then every 0.5K I increased my speed buy 0.1 kmh. At 20K I cranked the the treadmill down to -1% and set the pace at a 5:00/K. My intention was to keep it here to 25K but at the 23K mark I thought I was going to puke so I cranked it back to a 6:00 pace at 0% incline. Held it here until 24.5K then I had to make and emergency bathroom break of an rather explosive nature. Cranked the treadmill down to 5kmh , jumped off did my thing then back on in less then 60 seconds! Between 24.5 and 29K I more or less plodded along at a 6:00 pace. When I hit 29K I slowed it to a walk, 5kmh until I hit 30K mark , 2 hours57min.

A little better then last weeks 29K in 3hrs1min. With the exception of the very short break at 24.5K it was a continuous run , something I haven't done in some time.

I didn't fuel today's run , all I had was 1 bottle of Gatorade in 3 hours. The last hour was getting tough. I am going to Runners Den Friday , getting Eload and some fuel. I am going to up the carbs, electrolytes and hydration on the long runs. Not using anything makes a 30K run feel more like its 50K!

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Anne said...

Buy Eload in the big tubs- wayyyy cheaper. I did 22 last weekend on 1 powerbar chew and about 8oz h20.