Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LSD this morning

Stayed on mids for one more night! Jumped on the treadmill around 11pm and did a 3hour10minute 32K LSD Run. First 10K were at an avg 6:00 pace. At 11K I was doing 10.1 kmh and decided that every K I would speed up by 0.1 kmh. I did this until I hit 27K and then I dialed it down to 5kmh pace for 500 metres then cranked it back up to 10kmh until I hit 31K then I did a 1K cool down walk.
Drank 3x750ml bottles , 2 were GU Brew and one was a Gator Aide. I also did 3 eload zone caps at 18Km and 2 at 28K. Total calories in were around 460 , total burned somewhere around 2500. Technically I had enough if you believe in the 2400 cal of easy glycogen that is readily available. I did start to feel a bit of a burn in the legs and noticed an increase in 02 demand in around the mid 20s. When I walked at after doing km 27 at a 11.8 kmh I noticed that the heart rate was quiet high.
I am definitely handling the long runs better again. There is no noticeable pain and its been 10 hours and I feel like running again today...no plans yet but maybe , just maybe a little recovery run may be in order.

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