Sunday, October 23, 2011

Its 1am and I am running.

Working mids this week and its not usually a high mileage occasion but I do usually get a 5K run in. Last night I didn't feel like it so I just didn't Run but that leaves me feeling rather guilty wasting an opportunity to Run. Today I had a 5 hour power nap , not nearly enough to work from 8pm to 8am tonight but I have been sleeping rather well all week so missing a little shut eye isn't that big of a deal. So I am at work again , feeling like I don't want to run and its 01:00 am. Feeling guilty not running last night I knew I better not leave it any longer tonight or I would end up passing again! Anyhow I managed to do a very enjoyable 11.5K run at a mostly 5:30 pace. It was one of those moments in Running when it felt easy , natural and like you can go forever . The kind of running moment that is pure bliss... a truly joyous moments on the treadmill.

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