Monday, October 10, 2011

More Running in Cuba

Didn’t run first thing on Thursday, instead I decided to do a mid afternoon outing. Held off to 3 Beers between noon and 2pm then headed the opposite direction on the Beach towards the tip of the Veradaro Peninsula. It was 30+C with high humidity but the strong breeze made it bearable. It was just a little out and back on the beach logging 5K in the sand. When I got back to the resort I did another 1.2 K at my 5:00 Marathon Pace. I then proceeded to the aid station, 3ozs of Dark Havana Club Rum …a Beer and then to wash it all down a glass of Water.

Friday was overcast so I was hoping for some rain or at least a little more bearable running conditions. The Surf was up and this created some very soft sand to run on using up way more energy to shuffle along. I was determined to log at least 13.8K today after yesterdays 6.2 and that is exactly what I did.

So its been 4 runs , just shy of 50K in Cuba this week. I may do another 10K or so run before we leave then rest Monday doing 2x5k lunch runs at my 5:00 Marathon pace then 2X5K lunch runs at a 5:30 pace before a day for rest on Saturday before STWMs Marathon.

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Janice said...

I hope you at least ran in your bare feet on the sand:)