Saturday, October 1, 2011

Run for the Toad 50K , Oct 1-2011

First and foremost I have reached a blogging landmark....1000th Post!

Did the run for the Toad 50K race today. Wasn't sure how to approach this one today with STWN in 14 days. This week I decided in favour of racing the Toad and I walked away with a Toad PB today finishing the 50K in 5hrs19min55sec placing 64 out of 178 participants.

First two 12.5 laps were a dream , 1hr14min33sec then 1hr14min15sec ...for awhile I was thinking Sub 5 hours. Really felt like I was slowing down in the third lap , half way through my mood changed to "Lets get this lap done so I can get to the last one". Finished the third lap in 1hr20min03sec, I was beginning to slow. Going into the 4th and final lap I had done 4 gels and was drinking enough but felt that I wasn't getting enough calories. Gelled at the start and 4K in at the first aid station washing it down with water, coke and gator aid. I was getting quite fatigued but managed to keep moving along although at a much slower pace. I knew that sub 5 hours was out the window so I was aiming for 5hrs15min. Nearing the end of the loop the Gels and drinks were more or less sitting there and I was feeling rather nauseous but I managed to keep it down and keep going. With 3K to go 5hrs15min was no longer an option so I aimed for a sub 5hrs20min. Crossed the finish at 5hrs19min55sec a course PB by 8min47 seconds set back at the 2009 race, my first Toad 50K.

Next up is STWM in 2 weeks.


Angie and Bodo said...

Congrats to you Ron!!!

It was good to see you as always, also nice to meet and talk with Grant. He's a running machine. Angie and I started with him, lost him after 3.5k
You said you looked tired when we saw you at the aid station near our car, Angie and I thought that maybe you looked a little closer to 30 then 25.
Sorry we missed your finish, we enjoyed the meal and left around 2:00 and went to McPhails bike shop in Waterloo. Anne Elizabeth has piqued my interest in the exterra duathlon that she did. Any excuse to get a new bike.

Janice said...

Congratulations on your race! It was nice to meet you in person. I thought you looked great heading out:)

Robin said...

Congrats to you. I did 25K and couldn't imagine doing another 2 laps. Way to go....all the best for Scotiabank...will see you at the Brooks Marathon Quest start area.