Friday, October 28, 2011

Lunch Run

Didn't log the miles this week while I was off ... LIFE got in the way. You know the kind of things like getting ready for winter and finally renegotiating the phone bill with Bell not to mention the World Series ... WHOA is ME and I say WHOA. But on the realistic side of things I don't have anything particularly long planned in next 6 months. Everything is working OK , groin pain is subsiding but about the worst of it. Left Knee that gave me a scare a year ago only occasionally reminds me to take care. The is the odd little recurring aches and pain are there but I came through the season relatively unscathed. Now looking towards next season I want to do ATB, then Paris 42.2 followed by Sulphur 100 miles again. I won't throw away the long run but its not a priority now and I expect to ramp it back up through Dec....

Oh yeah, the run today... another 5ker at a mostly 5min pace.

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