Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa came early

Got an early gift thanks to Mother Nature. Just a skiff of snow and a solidly frozen ground made it an easy choice to hit the trail for today's run. Logged 11.3K at an avg 6:44 pace. Was running on fresh legs today, full 48 hours off! Yesterday I was going to hit the gym at lunch but when I was leaving for work I spilled some tomato sauce on my gym stuff....went back to the house to swap clothes but ended up leaving the shorts behind.....just the way it goes sometimes but the rest day was long over due. 2nd gift of the day will be an evening at Blue ...heading out this afternoon.

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Janice said...

Not much snow at Blue. We're heading to Mt. St. Louis later on in the week. More runs open:) Cheers and happy running!