Monday, February 3, 2014

An Ultra by an oh so slim margin.

42.3K today in just a little over 4.5 hours.     Ran the 166 meter track at the Owen Sound Y.  The staff were very accommodating allowing me to set up an aid station.   With R4K fresh in my mind I was determined to better manage today's run.   Overall I did 5 bottles of water ,  5 gels , 6 S Caps ,  a bunch of Cashews and a few gummy bears.   The last 30 minutes I laid off the important things and really started to feel it near the end.    I originally planned on 4 hours but things were working very well so I figured  I would take it past the 42.2 mark.  Grant joined me today and it was great being on the track with Mr. Speedy.... he was flying.   Afterwards Grant was really hungry so we went to A&W for a Teen  Burger meal with a Giant Root Beer.  Great way to end our day downing a liter of  pop!


Ultra Monk said...

Man WGR, you are doing fantastic!

Digger said...

Teen burgers are the best!