Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another long one at the Y

 Grant and I headed to Owen Sound Y again today.    4-6 hour objective but I really wanted to get it to 50K and thats exactly what we did.

 Did 6 bottles of water ,  6 Gels, 8 S Caps ,  a handful of Gummy Worms and a few handfuls of Almonds/Cashews and some other nuts.    Felt like I did everything about right as it never felt like the wheels were coming off.

 Nailed the first 40K at a solid 6:00 pace as planned.   I didn't need to but I decided to make things interesting and walked  2K to  before picking up the pace.   The feet were a wee bit sore and the when I started moving again they were allot better.   Again I didn't need to but I decided to gear down to a 7:30 pace until the 48.5K mark then finish the last 1.5K walking.   I really enjoyed the slower pace.  I couldn't stop grinning and was totally into my music ... magical moments on the 166 meter track for sure.    Walked off the last 1.5K calling it a day after doing 300 laps.  

Had a really cool salt stain on my shirt ...

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