Monday, February 17, 2014


Planned on doing 10k yesterday and 5K today but ended up doing it the other way around!   Wasn't real sure how far I was going to go but 10k was the minimum and 17k maximum.   Headed North on the 2nd but turned around just short of a K thinking I forgot to adjust he wood stove ... I didn't!    After that I headed South on the 2nd ,   beautiful Sun not too cold but there was a strong SE wind,  that sucked!    Wind ,  Sun and Hills I went from frozen to boiling to somewhere in-between ...can you say over dressed.   Its tough on a day with such variable conditions to not sweat!   Too hot is OK on a short one but will totally kill the long one.   Didn't really matter because I pulled the plug at 10K satisfied to have got it done.

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