Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nice to be Outside

5K out and back done on the 2nd this afternoon.   Temps at freezing and almost no wind meant I was down to a single layer with a shell and no hat.    1K in it started snowing pretty good.   Think I was a wee bit too hot but it was hard to tell if it was snow melting off my head or sweat.   Breaking in my Brooks Cascadia's ... not sure if theses guys are going to be foot friendly to me.   Lots of room in them which is a bonus for going long but they don't seem to have quite as much support under foot as I need.   I tightened the laces down a wee bit more then normal today and the shoes seemed to respond better.      Was at Blue last night and wanted to go again today but I am heading to the Y tomorrow for another LSD so I think I will stick to watching the Olympics today.  

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