Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fitting One In

12K done after my First Aide Course in  today.   Wanted to run a bit further but my neck was a bit stiff and sore after getting rear ended at a Red Light in Hanover this morning.  There is nothing quite like starting your day with a rather violent bump only to be told by the person that inflicted the pain " I only looked down for a second".   Glad I was in my car and not on foot!!!!!    How someone can miss two cars stopped at a RED Light is beyond my imagination then again it was probably her "96" hard at work!!!!!!   On a positive note it was my first trip ever in an Ambulance...tried to get Sirens and Lights but it was a no go.   The world sure looks different when your strapped onto a backboard with a neck brace ... all voices and and lights but no faces.    Unfortunately I didn't get any  bonus marks at the First Aid Course!

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