Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Update

10K out and back on the 2nd yesterday...just out to log a few Ks.  

24.1K loop of Durham .   9C Sun meant shorts and a thermal top ...very comfortable!    Throwing on shorts takes a minute off the pace ,  avg 6:23 until my cool down.    It was a good constant 2.5 hour run,  small fade the last 8K but otherwise consistent.

Had the LS 100 on my mind all weekend.  My Father is quite sick so I was in Saratoga all last week.    I almost made it but when I couldn't get any sleep Friday night I knew it wasn't going to work.  I drove through Saint Catherines at  1:00 am.  My 10% was 100 % ready but the 90% was missing!     This is the first OUS DNS!

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