Tuesday, April 29, 2014

PYP 50K Results

Finished up a little slower then I originally though tripping the clock at 7hrs29 minutes.     2nd loop was the fastest and surprise surprise the last loop was the slowest.  It was a fairly even effort as the delta between the fastest and slowest was 10 minutes.

Here are the 12.5K splits... 

Loop 1-  1:49:49.1  
Loop 2 - 1:47:28.8 
Loop 3 - 1:53:55.4 
Loop 4 - 1:57:51.3

In my world there are 2 ways to run a 50Ker and nothing in between.   If I want a "Pleasant"  Run I run slow and steady concentrating on enjoying the moment OR if I am looking for a fast time I play the fade.     Playing the fade is something I do from  time to time.  Usually I don't  know that I am going to do that until I am on the course... sometimes it happens by accident.   

Looking back on my 2014 PYP it was a really great run.  I was happy when the crowds cleared out after the first t then 2nd loop and had some fantastic time to reflect ,  meditate, enjoy and generally just get lost in my head.   Last year I was laid up most of March with Sciatica ,  almost 3 weeks of not running.   When I started back up it was still painful well into the early summer.    First bunch of long ones last year were not all that enjoyable.   I remember just wanting it to be over  or wanting to get to the half way point putting more miles behind me then were ahead.   This weekend was different for me.  I didn't feel that way at all ,  not even a little bit I just enjoyed the simple pleasure of putting one foot in front of the other for hours on end.   

Up next the Sulphur 50 miler.  Registered  a week and a bit ago... good thing because its sold out!  

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