Sunday, April 13, 2014

It had it all , well almost!

The only thing missing from todays Run was Sun!  I was either in warm humid air or running in a walk in refrigerator.   Then the Baseline was flooded in 4 spots and  my Gortex Shoes filled with water ...hey it was only another 10K to go to Home!  The the wind picked up and it got dark and there was a sudden torrential downpour!!!   Had my Ron Hill tied off at my waste so I was able to take shelter.  Couldn't decide if I was wet from sweat or perhaps the rain.  Jacket came off after the rain let up then it was so foggy I couldn't see further then a few meters.  I took the same route as yesterday and toyed around with the idea of going another 5-10K but decided nah ,  opted for the Hot Tub and Beers instead!   Logged 17.K at a little faster 7:22 pace.   All and all a very worthwhile outing and the right kind of weekend with PYP looming in 13 days.

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