Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Recovery Run?

 3:45 am , first night shift,  quads are trashed just like my brain!   You think a small detail like forgetting your running shirt would be enough to pull the plug on the treadmill but no way ,  not no way got it bad!!!!   Also felt a tad guilty not running Sunday or Monday...thought about it both days but with so many "Spring" things to do I took a pass,  besides it hurt.  

So I logged a rather sluggish 5K at speedy 7:00 pace.  It hurt ,  I was hot because being short free I decided not to turn on the fan.  So I got ti done ,  it wasn't pretty but the recovery run is behind me.

Speaking of weird things I was at the Doctor today for my somewhat "annual" and weighed in at 181 lbs.  I haven't tipped the scales that heavy since I was lifting weights a decade ago!!!!!  When I changed in the gym this morning I notice weird lines in my calves where my socks dug in.   Looks like I am retaining water after Saturday.  Weighed in again after my run and sure enough 180 lbs.     I wasn't dehydrated at PYP  but I think I may have had a we too many electrolytes which probably explains the fluid retention but this is 2 days out now!  

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