Friday, October 16, 2015

And thats a wrap on the treadmill

 After more then a decade of logging a minimum of 100K/month but probably much more for a total of a least 12,000 km ++++ the treadmill in the Gym at work has packed it in.   There has been a fair bit of maintenance gone into this machine over the past couple of years.  

 I cant imagine not running at lunch.  The daily work routine is really the staple of my running diet.  When there is no other time to run this is when I have counted on being able to fit it in!   From time to time through the lousy winter weather I have made the 21K journey to work just to take it inside!  

On a positive note I  the  machine is being replaced... estimated cost $10,000.     I am sure that I will be retired before the next machine packs it in!  

 So yesterday I logged one last 5Ker on my meal break....

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