Tuesday, October 20, 2015

STWM 42.2 - Sunday October 18, 2015

 Wrapped up the 2015 "Racing" running the STWM on Sunday.   Way way way back when I registered I thought I would be running for a time but my friend Patrick was going to be doing his first big city Marathon so I offered to hang out with him.  

 Race day routines could be a cut and paste from just about any of my reports and this one was no different.    I drove to the city the morning of the race meeting Patrick at the Royal York.    It was a really chilly morning with a breeze and temps at a balmy -1C.  It wasn't expected to get much above 6C and knowing that we wouldn't be running around a 6:00 pace I dressed for comfort,  tights ,  a thermal shirt and a shell.     The shell didn't last long and I was pretty much comfortable the whole run.   The race started at 08:45 am but we were way back in the second last corral so it was about 9:10 when we tripped the mat.   First half of the race was pretty easy we had fun chatting and reading the signs and taking in everything the big city race had to offer.   There was a funny moment when Patrick question a sign "  Run Like Me!  " .  He gave the sign maker a rather perplexed look asking why he should run like her ... the sign actually said " Run Like Mel ! " ... LOL.  definitely the start of a fun fun run.     Didn't take in much nutrition only gelling 3 times with race provided Hammer Gel.  I was taking in mostly Gatorade with the occasional Water.     Felt a little quad pain around the half way point ... no big deal stuff more then likely a result of not going long since the Dam Hill a month earlier.   Patrick was still moving well  and was taking in enough calories  and hydration.     There was quite a few out and back sections in the second half of the race.  It was really fun seeing everyone and calling out their names encouraging them and wishing them well.    At the 30 K mark Patrick ran into a little trouble at an aid station stop.   We had been running around a 6:45 pace so I told him to tuck in behind me and I slowed it to a 7:30 pace.  After a few Ks and an extra Gel he as moving better and feeling better.   We ended up running around a 7:00 pace most of the way to the end.    Had a brief walk over the DVP with 3K to go and planned our last few Ks race plan.....

Brought it home with a constant run.   The Adrenalin kicked in going up Bay picking it up to a 5:00 pace.   Tripped the Mat at 4hrs39min30sec ....

All and all it was a great run with Patrick.   There was never a death march just slowed down the pace and kept going.  Had a ton of fun doing this run.

Logged a total of 49.7 km .... I turned on the Garmin when we left the Royal York and turned it off when we returned.

I tool a ton of video and will be putting it together sometime over the next week or so.

Ronald Irwin

Chip Time: 4:39:30
Overall Place: 2841
Place in Gender: 1971 / 2459
Place in Category: 209 / 263
Category - M50-54
KM Pace: 6:38

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