Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sunday + Monday ... over the guilt!

After not running last week I have just logged 3 consecutive days on the trail ...YIPPEE!   No long runs planned after last week Marathon.   Headed out in the backyard late Sunday afternoon.  It wasn't nearly as warm as on Saturday so I was in tights and a long sleeve tech T.  Looped and looped until I hit 10.1K then took up position between the Cedars and the Hardwoods looking West to the darkening sky.   Cranked up the tunes ,  cracked a cold beer....reward time!  I had changed into plenty of warm clothes but I forgot warm gloves and my hands were Frrr Frrr Frrr Frozen.  So the light bulb went off and I had an Ah Ha movement " Hot Tub ".   The Hot Tub is hands down the best way to end a cold weather run... a few more Beers helped too!  

 Monday I hot the neighboring trails following a recently installed Maple Syrup collection line... got a good tour of the hood cause this line was dam near 1 km long....holly smokes!  50 or so of my Maples along the property line will be joining the party.  Can you say Maple Syrup... MMMM!  Oh and the Run ...  looped around the hood ending on guess what ,  my trial loop!   The return home was taking inventory of my Maples!   Logged 9.8 Ks ... good enough on a busy day.

 Next up  Mids  where I am right now!  

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