Monday, October 5, 2015

Nineteen Point Five

 19.5 laps on the backyard trail yesterday logging 16.8 Ks.    I was feeling a little guilty after taking Friday off building antennas ( lots of hill repeats fine tuning )  and on Saturday it started to rain and I decided to cook instead of Run.   I really have a tough time when the climate is transitioning to COLDer weather.   Its a combo of all of the Ultra season behind me ,  not a whole lot on the race calendar and I really do not ,  i repeat DO NOT like running and freezing.    Si I am always coming up with ways to entertain myself  a little reward for getting out the door.  Sundays treat was setting up my Blue Tooth Speaker in the Tree Stand and blasting the Forest away.  I can clearly hear  the music for a 1/3 of the loop  another 1/3 I hear it but not 100% and for about a 1/3 I hear little bits and pieces.   There are 4 sounds  that carry very well ,  Burton Cummings ,  Bono ,   Snare Drums and the Saxophone.   Apres run was a few beers in the hammock ... dressing in thermal layers with a down filled jacket!   Sadly I started the process of breaking down the man cave carrying the Sub Woofer / Speakers and Battery back the house.    Garmin data was really messed up ....   see below   yup its the same 6 laps!

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