Tuesday, May 10, 2016

New Kicks

New kicks today ...haven't said that in a very long time!    Picked up one of three pairs of shoes on order today the trail version of the " Hoka Stinson 3".    The shoe provides a nice smooth cushioned ride.  Seems like it takes more effort but the HR didn't say so topping at at 138 bpm at the 4K fartlek.   Logged a little 5K break er in tonight on my meal break.   Will take em outside tomorrow where they belong.   Jury's out on whether I use them at Seaton or break them in gently getting ready for Sulphur.   If I remember correctly a wet Seaton is a super dirty run where as Sulpur has much less of that stuff.   Once a shoe is super dirty its hard to get the grit entirely out and that is something thats not real welcome in the shoe going long!  

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