Friday, May 13, 2016


Strange and wonderful things on the day before....

 Seaton is tomorrow and its going to be an early morning with not enough sleep.   I am going to drive for 2.5 hours one way to run around cold ,  wet ,  muck trails for 6-7 hours then jump back in my car making the 2.5 hour journey home.    Looming on the horizon is the Sulphur 100 miler ... its seems like tomorrow!

 So today is a coveted rest day but the day before should be coined a "restless" day.  The mind wanders and the body subconsciously knows what it is you are about to do .... remember two weeks ago!   So I feel beat ,  tired and I have been overeating a routine that I think of as " eating ahead".   

So yeah I am ready all those Ks logged on a regular basis says yup you can do it but the mind still wanders and doubts creep in but I carry on.   Ultimately I know its time well spent and once I get there and get well into the race the joy will follow and then when I am done there is the immense silly satisfaction of knowing .... " I did it" .


Ultra Monk said...

I love your blog. But it shows why I quit ultra running. I frequently dns if there are too many issues like long drive, no sleep, wet trails.

But you will be smiling the whole time.

West Grey Runner said...

Its so cool that you posted a comment Ultra Monk...I was thinking back to " Spirit " and your very cool blog and forum posts and then you make a comment...coincidence , I think not. Take care and who knows maybe we will cross paths on a trail someday!